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Our expertise

With decades of combined experience at some of Canada’s leading think tanks, research institutes and universities, we have developed deep expertise in innovation, skills, technology, the intangible economy, and public policy. 

Our research covers:

  • Innovation and innovation policy

  • Technology development and diffusion

  • The digital economy and technology sectors

  • The intangible economy

  • Skills, labour, and the changing nature of work

  • Inclusive innovation

  • Science, technology and innovation trends

DALL·E 2023-04-06 23.38.43 - a group of people working to build a futuristic machine, oil

Our approach to research, analysis and advice is simple:​

First, we obsess over complexity and uncertainty. We examine challenges, opportunities, and their implications from many angles, using data analysis, interviews, surveys, focus groups, creative and critical analysis, and other quantitative and qualitative tools that generate clarity and insight. We recognize that trends, challenges, and opportunities confront people and organizations in different ways. Our approach helps uncover those many perspectives. We offer advice and recommendations only after thoroughly examining a problem or opportunity. We believe that policy and strategy should be informed by analysis and deep understanding. We avoid off-the-shelf solutions and buzzword business trends, focusing instead on strategy and policy options that fit with the unique parameters and circumstances that distinct organizations and their stakeholders face. A solution should solve a problem as you and your stakeholders experience it. We find solutions that are relevant to you.  

Our approach

What we do

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Problem identification and critical trend analysis

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Full service report generation

DALL·E 2023-04-06 23.38.43 - a group of people working to build a futuristic machine, oil

Research strategy

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Articles and op-eds

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Solutions design

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Mediocre jokes and long meandering rants

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